The range is open for limited use.

We all know the drill by now.

Wash your hands. Keep your distance. Be vigilant.

The range will be locked up every day at 4:00 until further notice.

Why? Because those using the range late in the day have not only left the range looking like a pigsty, but have erected overly tall target stands, attached targets to structures on the pistol range and shot up the buildings.
One way or another, this behavior has to stop. Break the rules and you’re out.

Don’t like it?  Me neither. Grousing won’t help. Ideas?

Serving members
and their guests since 1980

We offer scheduled shoots throughout the year, including: Black Powder, Skeet, Combat, Rimfire Pins 'n Plates. We also have an ever-changing tactical pistol range where we shoot every Saturday during good weather.



Members have pitched in in a big way this year so we have been able to complete a number of much-needed capital improvements.


We're trying something new...

Reloaders have to pay hefty hazmat and shipping fees when ordering components online. The proposal is that we combine orders so no one has to pay the shipping and hazmat charges alone. The more that get together the better.

Let me know.


Ours is a members-only range though scheduled shoots are open to the public. Come and see what we have to offer, and if you like it, join up. Membership in Knox County Fish & Game Association entitles you to use not only the range, but the 3D archery range across the road, the lodge, the campground, and the beach. It's one of the best deals around!


Renewal Form

Send your form to:

P O Box 414, Union, ME 04862-0414


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Member or guest, our insurer demands that everyone needs to sign a waiver every year.

2020 Waiver

The easiest way for all concerned is to send all of your paperwork to Kristin. She'll send you the new combination along with your membership card. You'll want to use
P O Box 414, Union, ME 04862-0414


We've been here for going on 40 years. Our range was started by black powder shooters, hence the name, Eye of the Hawk. They are almost all gone now, though we remember them with a special Memorial Clays shoot every summer, the proceeds of which go to fund an annual scholarship for a youngster at Bryant Pond 4H Camp.


Email questions or comments to

Walt Simmons,Rangemaster


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