This page is really about our Range Officers.

These guys are always front and center.
For those who don't know who they are, read on...

Jud Dodge

Jud is responsible for the shotgunners and runs the Redneck Clays shoots monthly. He's been around the longest of all our Range Officers and put together the history of the range. He's a pretty fair shot with skeet and he's also quite a cook.

Mike Barie

Mike runs Rimfire Pins 'n Plates and the Combat Shoots that take place on the left side of the range. He holes up for the Winter months and then disappears into the Arizona desert before reopening the first Combat Shoot in the Spring. As long as it's made by Smith & Wesson or Toyota he's in favor of it.

Mike Ward

Mike is the guy we can always count on. Usually the first on the scene and the last to leave, none of the shoots would run well without his enthusiasm and expertise. The overall winnner for skeet for several years, we're thinking maybe he should have to use a .410 from now on to give someone else a chance.

Alan Smith

Alan is the Black Powder expert. I've been watching them for years and still can't figure out the target scoring system. I suspect they are making it up as they go along. What I do know for sure is that our guys are some of the best shooters in New England, and Al makes sure things at the range run smoothly regardless of the weather.

Lou Laquaglia

Lou conceived of the Pistol Range to the right side of the clubhouse and then built it with an able assist from his friend Ted. It's an ever changing tactical range utilizing real life close quarters reactive targets. This is the place to go to find out whether you really do know what you're doing and to keep your skills sharp. It's open all week long and we have regular shoots there on Saturday mornings in decent weather.

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