Above: October ladies shoot
Events scheduled throughout the year include: our regularly scheduled shoots  plus the Ladies' Day First Shot Program and regular qualifications by local law enforcement.

Skeet, a.k.a. Redneck Clays

Basically there are 5 shooters to a squad and 25 targets.

Mike sees to it that the setup is never the same twice, so in addition to throwers left and right, they could be coming from behind or even in front. Fee is $7.50/round

Black Powder

Muzzle loading rifle and/or cap & ball pistol. Match fee depends on the targets selected. If you've wondered why our new range cover is as tall as it is, these guys are the reason. Ramrods just don't handle well under the lower cover. Our shooters are rated among the best in New England.

Pins 'n Plates

Designed for .22 caliber rimfire pistol and/or rifle with two shooters at a time, side by side. With your pistol shoot down 5 pins & 1 steel plate or with your rifle shoot down 6 steel plates before your opponent. Iron sights or red dots are okay
Participants are not obligated to shoot both firearms. You can shoot either or both. Fees are $5.00 for pistol and $5.00 for rifle.


The setup changes with every stage and targets range from typical IPSC cardboard (with barricades and hostages to make it interesting), to steel plates, a dueling tree, and even a Texas Star. .38 thru .45acp caliber auto or revolver, 4 stages, timed.
Holster required. Fee is $10.00

Ladies' Day First Shot Program

This program is especially designed to introduce ladies to archery, and handgun, rifle, and shotguns. Safety with firearms depends on familiarization with the basics–not just knowing how to shoot, but when not to, and understanding range etiquette. If you are looking for a proper introduction to the sport, come spend the morning with us at the range. You'll be glad you did.

What about the Pistol Range?
It's open whenever the range is open and regular weekend shoots are on the schedule. To give you a clue what's going on
 here's a video Pete shot recently...


Scheduled shoots are open to the general public, and it is up to everyone to familiarize themselves with the range rules.

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