Frequently Asked Questions

In this a private range?
Yes. It is owned by Knox County Fish & Game Association and is for the exclusive use of members and their guests. The only exception is that scheduled shoots are open to the public–non-members within the confines of the range at any other time are trespassers and will be treated as such.


What does it cost to join?
Annual memberships in Knox County Fish & Game Association are $100, and veteran memberships are $55. A Life Membership can be purchased for $750. There are membership specials during May and June. Members are entitled to use of the range as well as our 3D archery range, the beach, and our 90+ acres for hiking or just relaxing by the water. And yes, there is a boat launching ramp adjacent to the beach.


What are the hours?
During good weather the range is open from 09:00 to 19:00. The rest of the year (mid-October through mid-April) it is open from 09:00 until dusk. In November, the range is closed except for scheduled shoots.


Are their restrictions?
Of course. Consult the Range Rules on this site.


How do I get the combination to the gate locks?
You must be a current member and have your signed Range Waiver on file with the Rangemaster. The combination changes every year.


How do I get into the clubhouse and target room?
There is no need. Owing to problems in the past, now only Range Officers have keys, but we've put target stands against the side  of the clubhouse that you are free to use. Just put them back afterwards.


What is the thing built out of railroad ties on the firing line?
That's a Safe Table. If you need to clear a weapon or work on one that is malfunctioning that is where you do it. It is there for protection from an accidental discharge, hence the name.


What's to the right of the clubhouse?
That's the Pistol Range set up for tactical shooting. It's open whenever the range is open. Put things back the way you found them and police your brass. It's fully populated with reactive targets on Saturdays during good weather. If you're tired of just punching holes in paper, you ought to give it a go; it helps refine essential skills in defensive situations.

Is the Pistol Range always set up?

Not all of it. The right side of the pistol range remains set up, but the targets are steel, so eye protection is a must. Even then you want to be very careful  because bullet jackets can and do come back at you at times.


Can I bring a friend?
Yes, though you must stay with them, and if they plan to shoot, you must have them sign a  Range Waiver. You can download the 2020 Range Waiver by clicking here.


What are the scheduled shoots and when are they held?
On this site go to "More" on the menu bar, click on it, and scroll down to "Schedule." We have Redneck Clays, Black Powder, Pins 'N Plates (Rimfire), and Combat (Centerfire Pistol). Consult the Schedule and Events pages on this site for details. The schedule for the month is also posted on the bulletin board outside of the range. There is also a Ladies' Day First Shot Program.


What's going on between the wooden fence and the road?

Those are archery lanes for those who choose not to use our regular 3D range which is being relocated across the road from the rifle range. It is also used during the Ladies' Day program.

Where is Beaver Lodge?

Continue on Beaver Lodge Road, around the corner and up the grade. It's maybe two tenths of as mile. Check it out. Built at the beginning of the last century as the centerpiece of a girl's camp, it's a great old place we use for events and meetings.

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