Our range from 400' courtesy of Todd Anderson

[taken in the Spring–pre- target room addition & note the snow]

On Tap for 2020

Our goal is to provide a safe environment for members and their guests while improving the usefulness, appearance and noise abatement being good neighbors demands. If you are willing to help toward that end, let us know.

Our range could not function without our volunteers. With more than 450 members you'd think we would have plenty, but the fact of the matter is that not more than a handful do all of the work; more of you need to step up.


Are you aware that volunteer time counts against your dues? It does. In fact, 20 hours of approved volunteer work will pay for your next year's membership (Only 11 hours if you are a veteran)

Think about it. With your help we could make the range even better.

Even an hour or two over the entire season would be a big help.

So what did we accomplish in 2019?

  • Refined the Pistol Range with even more reactive targets for realistic training

  • Added racks to the outside of the new target room to make target stands available

  • Increased berms on the Pistol Range side

  • Added a box for cardboard target backers on the back of the clubhouse

  • Completed landscaping in front of the stockade fence so it could be mowed

  • Added half a dozen new target stand bases and shooting benches

  • Removed truckloads of wood debris

  • Added solar powered security light opposite the clubhouse door

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