Range Benefit Raffle

The purpose of this range benefit raffle is to finance improvements at the rifle range and the newly expanded 3D archery range, on opposite sides of Beaver Lodge Road in Hope, Maine. Proposed work includes landscaping, sound abatement, berm improvement, and construction of an archery storage building at the rear of the parking lot. The proceeds will benefit shooters and archers alike as we continue to improve the safety, usability, and appearance of both ranges.

Okay, here's what you can win...

                                                            First Prize (Choice of): Ruger Mark IV Competition
                                                                                                 Glock 19
                                                                   or Mossberg Silver Reserve II Combo o/u

                                                  Second Prize: Howard Leight Impact Sport Electric Earmuffs

                                                    Third Prize: Otis Modern Sporting Rifle & AR Cleaning Kit.

Want to see the prizes? Click here.

Rules & Conditions:

  1. This raffle is open to U S Citizens 18 years of age and older only, and the winner will be expected to fill out ATF form 4473 and be approved by NICS background check.

  2. Should the winner fail the background check, he or she will forfeit and a new winner will be chosen.

  3. No handgun can be transferred directly unless the transferee is a US citizen and legal Maine resident. It can, however, be transferred to an FFL of the winner’s choosing out of state.  Winner will be responsible for the USPS shipping cost to the FFL chosen.

  4. Raffle will run until all 700 tickets have been sold, at which time range officers will select two names for the first prize from the entries received (first and an alternate just in case), and one each for the second and third prizes.

  5. Winner will be notified by phone/email/text, and will have 7 days to fill out form 4473 at the rangemaster’s shop on Ducktrap Road in Lincolnville Beach.

  6. Once we receive NICS approval to proceed, the prize will be ordered. Delivery time is usually no more than 3 business days.

  7. Pursuant to ATF regulations, the transfer of the prize must take place over the counter at the rangemaster’s shop

  8. Winner will not be charged a transfer fee.

  9. A form 1099 will be filed as required by the IRS.

Tickets are $10 apiece, and you can download yours from this page or get them at any scheduled shoot at the range. If you download here, print them out, and mail the lower portion together with your check to: Rangemaster, PO Box 88, Lincolnville, ME 04849

                   Click here for one ticket

                                             Click here for two tickets

                                                                     Click here for three tickets

                                                                                              Click here for four tickets

                                                                                                                    Click here for five tickets

Good Luck!

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