This is a private range for members and their guests.
Hours: 09:00-dusk (Winter months) 09:00-19:00 (Summer months)
[We are closed during deer hunting season, except for Sundays, and at certain times for law enforcement. We use their fees help us to keep the range open, so any inconvenience is well worth it.]



• To use the range, we must have your signed waiver on file.
• Range rules are posted at the gate, read and become familiar with them.
• Pistols, rifles, and shotguns are allowed.
• No firearms may be discharged prior to 09:00!–maintaining good neighborhood relations
                   is a critical and ongoing concern.
• Hearing and eye protection will be worn by shooters and observers alike while firing line is
                 engaged in live fire.
• All targets must be supported on frames no taller than 5 feet.
• No target stands are to be placed on top of any of the berms.
• All shooting will be from a safe position with respect to others.
• All firearms will be unloaded on the firing line when not in use, and all firearms will be
                  unloaded, in a safe position, and not touched while others are down range.
• Absolutely no rifle or pistol round will be discharged over the 100-yard berm, though
                  shotguns loaded with 7½, 8, or 9 shot may be discharged into the air when shooting
                  at clay targets.
 For safety reasons, guests (2 maximum) must be accompanied by a member.

Don't add any targets to the pistol range. Use only what is already there. Pistols only!


• Alcoholic beverages
• Automatic firearms or any firearm with a slide/bump stock
• Exploding targets of any kind
• Glass or food targets


Pick up your brass and discard targets in the dumpster alongside the club house.


[For more information, contact the Range Master Walt Simmons at 975-9052. And to get on the
range email list go to]

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